As to our Streams, four degree courses are available. Are you pursuing a Bachelors of Swing, or maybe studying on your own? Information on our levels is available here.

Bachelor of Swing (BSwi) – Improvers – After one to two semesters, you’ve earned your GSCE in dancing. You may be at the beginning of your swing journey, but have obtained the basic concepts (such as footwork) taught in beginners, though still need to fine-tune these basics. You can now continue their learning of the same topics by working with slightly more challenging material.

  • Regularly attend social dancing
  • Attend classes every week
  • Have solid basics i.e. Charleston, 6-count and 8-count
  • Ready to learn new variations and increase ease of mixing 6-count and 8-count
  • Looking to improve connection and comfort with your partner
  • You love Lindy and can’t wait to dance!

Master of Swing (MSwi) – Intermediates – You’re a year or three into your dance studies and you want to to know what to do make yourself a star on the social dance floor. You are still working to fine-tune more advanced capabilities, such as body movement, connection with a partner and more advanced rhythms.

  • Meet all points in BSwi
  • Danced for at least 12 months
  • You feel like one of the more advanced dancers in your scene
  • No problem mixing 6- and 8-count variations when social dancing
  • You regularly social dance with people of all levels
  • You are comfortable with the idea of  incorporating “musicality” into your dancing
  • You don’t mind going back to basics and improving the core of your dancing
  • You easily watch and learn sequences and choreography
  • You have attended workshop weekends before and know what is expected
  • If we receive a large number of bookings as last year, we will add an additional course.

Post-honours Doctor of Swing (DSwi) – Advanced – You put the work in for all the relevant years, have graduated, and are now seeking to explore the particulars of what makes Swing Dancing so tremendously enjoyable.

  • You meet all of the above criteria
  • You are worried about how challenging this level might be.
  • You are an extremely confident dancer within your local scene: teaching or performing.
  • You want to fine-tune technical issues such as pulse, stretch, connection, movement, rhythm etc.
  • Your dancing has extremely strong fundamentals onto which they can add their own styling, individuality and passion.
  • You social dance with ease and are a strong dancer in a student troupe, or are capable of dancing complex performance sequences.
  • You do not blame your partner when having difficulty making a move work in class
  • When dancing with any level, you look comfortable and smooth on the dance floor
  • You are comfortable with fast tempo and slow tempo songs

Masters of Following (MFol) – Suga Bomb Followers Track – For those who want to sproce up their following (your gender is irrelevant). A special intensive track focusing on variations, posture, swivels, arms, and upping your following game: no lead required.

Additional Certifications available! For those of you who are extra keen, gain extra credit studying Jazz, Musicality and other dance styles in exciting electives. More information to follow.